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Before You Sell Gold Or Silver - READ THIS! - See What It's Worth FIRST - Gold and Silver Exchange in Pueblo, Colorado For Sale

Type: Tickets & Traveling, For Sale - Private.

Thinking about selling your gold or silver?
Have no idea how to sell gold and silver?
How do you find the best price for your gold or silver?
Wondering if you should pawn your silver or gold jewelry or sell silver or gold coins to a coin dealer?
Worried about dealing with the "as seen on tv" guys when you read about the cash for gold scams out there?
You are not alone!
The Gold and Silver Exchange was founded in response to all the negative reports on tv, radio, newspapers and internet posts about the public being taken advantage of when selling their gold and silver .
We show you exactly what we are paying right on our website!!
We are a division of Exquisite Assets LLC and a Better Business Bureau Accredited, A+ Rated Buyer with Zero Complaints...EVER!
Compare our prices to:
Pawn Shops
Coin Dealers
and especially the "as seen on tv" guys!
If you think your best bet is to bring your gold or silver to a LOCAL buyer - You could be making a HUGE mistake! You may be giving up your valuables for ONE HALF to ONE THIRD of what you can get from us!
We do not have "a location in your area". Someone has to pay for retail overhead, staff, commission, etc... That someone is YOU, the seller! All that overhead can result in LESS MONEY IN YOUR POCKET!
We cater to the informed consumer who would rather get more value for their gold and silver.
We post exactly what we are currently paying on a live chart right on our website. The chart shows the current payouts for a variety of gold, silver, and platinum.
Within hours (not days) of receiving your items, we contact you and let you know our offer. (which is based on the chart on our site) and you have the option to accept the offer and choose payment method or reject the offer in which case you can have your items returned.
We have not seen anyone does business the way we do.
We will treat you with the respect you deserve.
To find out more, visit our website at
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