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Cork underlayment 12mm the best insulation underlay in Pueblo, Colorado For Sale

Cork underlayment 12mm the best insulation underlay
Price: $1
Type: Tickets & Traveling, For Sale - Private.

Cork underlayment 12mm the best insulation underlay
Made in Portugal! Our cork underlayment is developed for noise reduction and insulation. . Cork underlayment can be installed under any type of flooring.
If you are looking for the ultimate in reducing noise and sound transfer between floors, look no further than our 12mm cork underlayment. This cork is a full half inch of loveliness. Cork helps protect your floor and subfloor from rot and degradation, so is prefect in new builds or condos. Come see us today about getting your own sample.
Price quotes are per carton (150 sq.ft)
12mm cork underlayment Sold per carton of 25 sheets
(150 square feet)
Price: $1.59 /Sq. Ft!
Thickness of cork underlayment: 12mm (1/2 inch)
size : 2ft x 3Ft
6 sq.ft per sheet
Box Coverage: 150 SF
Density: 200 - 220 kg/m3
Tested for sound proof
A Sound Control Underlayment
Reduce the noise
Warmer your home
Eco- friendly
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