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Floating Cork Flooring for Basements in Pueblo, Colorado For Sale

Price: $2
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Floating Cork Flooring for Basements
Floating cork flooring works wonders in basements. Cork is a great insulator so keeps your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Since it insulates, floating cork flooring can lower sound and noise vibrations between floors keeping you home quieter. We currently offer our floating cork flooring in square edge, bevel edge and printed planks. With over 50 different floating cork flooring options available you are sure to find one just right for your home and budget. We have floating cork flooring that looks like the bark of birch trees, or maybe traditional leather is more for you. We have it all and more ? see us today and order you free samples.
On Sale Price $2.79/sf
Retail: $6.49/sf 
Our Price $ 3.99 /sf
Retail: $5.49/sf 
Our Price $ 2.89/sf
Retail: $6.49/sf 
Our Price $ 3.39/sf
Retail: $6.99/sf 
Our Price $ 3.69/sf
Retail: $6.49/sf 
Our Price $3.99/sf
Retail: $6.49/sf 
Our Price $3.99/sf
Floating Cork Flooring The Green Way to Go! Cork is the natural flooring selection for those of us who want to go green in our homes. Cork?s bark is in high demand. It is the only species of tree that does not have to be cut down to harvest its wealth. While most cork bark is used in the wine industry the leftovers never wasted! Floating cork flooring is produced from the leftovers, making it a green and renewable floor choice. Floating cork flooring is warm to touch, soft to walk on and resists stains and scuff marks. We offer floating cork flooring in bevel edge, square edge and printed planks so the choice is up to you. Visit our online showroom today and order samples of your favorite floors. Got Allergies ? Go Floating Cork Flooring If someone in your home suffers from allergies or has asthma you might want to look at floating cork flooring for your home. Floating cork flooring repels moisture, mold and mildew and it doesn?t shed its fibers so dust mites and only pests stay away. Floating cork flooring is easy to keep clean and is warm to touch and cushiony to walk on. We currently offer our floating cork flooring in 11mm and 12mm sizes. As well we have bevel edges, printed planks and lour new floor ? Cork Fusion. With so many to choose from deciding will be the hardest part. See us today and let us ship you free samples of your favorites. Best Prices on Floating Cork Flooring At Forna we pride ourselves on offering the latest and greatest in floating cork flooring at better then retail prices. How can we do it? It?s simple, purchasing from Forna means you are buying direct form the distributor. Floating cork flooring is wonderful in basements, kitchens, great rooms and bedrooms. Why settle for carpeting when you can have floating cork flooring for less and it will last longer. Our floating cork flooring ranges in price from $2.49 up to $4.79 a square foot and everything in between. Head over to our online showroom today to see our complete line-up of floating cork flooring and order samples of your favorites.